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Stasis - a state of complete stop of any physiological processes in organisms living beings. In this state, the sense of time is completely lost. Many implementations of stasis, of which the most common are: freezing (suspended animation) and placing objects in some energy field or dimension, where time is absent.

Shambala is called the place where the last survivors of Lemuria found their refuge. Shambala - the central governing body of the Great White Lodge, Shambala has a physical location in the world, but access to it can only get a decent aspirant.

NEWAGEr - Frolova
This beautiful creatures on our planet.

---Dimensional portal---
And I've been waiting for, have a seat ...
I even know what you want me to ask. Well, ask ...
Everyone is asking. Come on!
- Experiment ...
What? The experiment? Nonsense!
This experiment - is nonsense. For you, it means nothing at all.
You know, in general, who are you? And anyway, who we all are?
Yes Have you ever thought about it seriously? I'm sure it's not.
Here I wonder sometimes. So - we are nothing, dust, atoms.
And I can prove it scientifically. Dust ...
So why ... Why did you come here, you are neither good nor harm.
Did you know that you hurt yourself! You poison. Bred like flies.
Defecate on each other, each other do not even notice .
You do not have much good.The whole of science - the destruction.
The more we immerse ourselves in person the less it exists.
And never existed. No value in itself is not represented.
Therefore, all the oaths - nonsense. Not true.
You, for example, you know how I feel about you ...
I do not know ... And how do you feel about me, I do not know ...
You live your life, and it is for all of you.
Well, right, the good life. And live it can be very accurately.
To love. Doing something interesting to listen to music, read books ...
Procreate children, dig gardens! And here we have no life.
We are neutrons, protons ... The smallest particles ...
After you have done this vile world. Thank you!
You understand that all these are your feelings - it's all the side effects.
Yes, you're nothing. Sor. A speck of dust.
Speck of the universe. What is the desire to dust?

---Lophophora williamsii---
Those who it eats or drinks, or see the terrible visions funny how after mushrooms. This dope lasts one day, two or three days and then disappears. Leads to disorder, intoxicating seizes people.
It is a common food Chichimeca people, because it supports
and inspires them to fight and fearlessness, and does not feel
any thirst or hunger, and say that it protects them from any danger.

the album was composed of songs written between 2013 - 2015

Music - Roman Sviridov (NEWAGEr)
Artwork – NEWAGEr


released January 16, 2016



all rights reserved


NEWAGEr Russia

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